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Social Housing Services

Housing Associations have specialist requirements and need specialist knowledge and expertise.

Robsons have over 10 years experience working with Housing Associations. We know Housing Associations specialist requirements. Our surveyors have the specialist knowledge and skills and are vastly experienced in working with Housing Associations and Local Authorities. We are Construction Line accredited (Reg. No. 52794).

Our philosophy is simple. The people we work with are professional and career minded. We never let them down. Their careers stay on track, they recommend us to colleagues and we stay with them when they make a career move and the cycle starts again.


The Social Housing services we provide are as follows:-

  • Site Valuations and Development Appraisals for s106 allocations.
  • Site Valuations and Development Appraisals for mixed tenure developments (including private sale, shared ownership, intermediate rent, affordable rent and commercial as appropriate to the individual scheme) where the Housing Association is the developer.
  • Marketing valuations for s106 sales or private sales on mixed tenure schemes where the Housing Association is the developer.
  • Individual property valuations for purchase, staircasing or disposal.
  • Existing Use Values – Social Housing (EUV-SH) for general needs rental properties.
  • Worth – Subject to Tenancy for affordable rent properties.
  • Valuations of Residential Care Homes.
  • Valuation of HMOs.
  • Market rentals and Intermediate rent values properties. 
  • Beacon Valuations.
  • Purchase and repair (“P&R”) street property acquisitions.
  • Site acquisitions.
  • Off the shelf/turn key acquisitions.

Expertise and procedures

We are now valuing over £1 billion of property for Housing Associations and Local Authorities per annum.

Whilst we operate the GLA Toolkit as prepared by 3 Dragons where necessary, over the years we have developed our own in house systems. These together with our IT procedures for filing and archiving provide instant access by all our staff and surveyors.

These procedures allow for input by any surveyor at any office to work simultaneously on any urgent project and multiple surveyor input where urgent valuations are required.

On archived scheme records can instantly be retrieved, again by any surveyor from any office. We have found this invaluable to clients when staff changes occur and a new member of staff needs information for scheme changes, updates, queries on audit, etc. It also means that when the job surveyor in away from the office or PC, assistance can be given by another surveyor with access to any PC or administration staff.

Whilst all our surveyors are office based, they also have remote access to our main frame from ‘any PC’ for example at their home PC or at a meeting with a client at their PC.


There is a tendency for some valuers to work on the basis of ‘£x per square metre’ based on the location of a development alone. This is a cheap and cheerful method from the valuer’s perspective. You take the gross internal floor area of a typical unit in the location and apply this to each unit.

It is fundamentally a lazy way of valuing and very dangerous.

As valuers we are responsible for valuing multi-million pound deals. A 5% error is very costly.

All our development and sales valuations schedule out the individual property. Whilst first reflecting the location of the development, transport, and  local amenities other considerations pertinent issues specific to each unit include specification, size, bed spaces, unit layout, energy efficiency, security, floor, location, views, outside space and parking. 

Our procedures and support are second to none.

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